Lighting up Fringe World

Hands up if you’ve sat in The Pleasure Garden on a balmy summer night, surrounded by a buzzing atmosphere - smells wafting from food trucks, fairy lights twinkling above and roaming performers gliding past, and thought “why can’t this last all summer, or all year?”

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Why can’t this last all summer, or all year?

Each summer, Perth is submersed in the weird, wacky and funny, with plenty of ‘I’ll cover my eyes…but still peek through my fingers’ moments. There’s nothing quite like it.

Since establishment in 2011, FRINGE WORLD has skyrocketed Perth to the world stage, becoming the third largest Fringe Festival in the world (in terms of attendance) and our State’s most attended event.

The annual FRINGE WORLD Impact Report shows that a huge range of people engage with the annual event, including a mainstream audience who don't often attend arts or cultural events. And that in a nutshell is what is so special about FRINGE WORLD and why Lotterywest has supported the event since it began. 

Thanks to you, FRINGE WORLD has received a Lotterywest grant of $3.6 million from 2022-2024 for the FRINGE WORLD Festival. The grant will help support events across the Festival, including the new initiative of FRINGE Funday, a free community event held on the first Sunday of the Festival in Northbridge. 

Every time you play Lotterywest games, you help support artists like Barbie-Q and Kinetica. In the 2020-21 financial year alone, $313.4 million was given back to WA’s communities. This giving spreads out to make an already great lifestyle in this state, greater.

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Beating heart of arts

Beating heart of arts

The Stirling Street Arts Centre has provided low-cost art and craft activities to the South West for over 32 years.

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Towards a vehicle that will provide opportunities for disadvantaged people in Cockburn to access food relief, services and social ac tivities.

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Towards a pilot program to assist Aboriginal women who are victims of domestic violence in the South East Metropolitan area.


Want to apply for a grant?

Every year we give grants to Western Australian community organisations who provide services, support and inspiration to make this already great state, greater. If you think you’re one of those, click below to find out how to apply.

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