COVID-19 Relief Fund

Lotterywest’s purpose to build a better Western Australia together has never been more relevant.

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A graphic depicting playing Lotterywest games helping the WA community.

As the only State Government owned and operated lottery in Australia where all the profits are returned to the community, Lotterywest is committed to supporting Western Australians in this time of need through the COVID-19 Relief Fund.

You can view the grants that have been given here.

All available profits Lotterywest makes from every jackpot, draw and ticket will go directly into this fund to assist the Western Australian community to recover.

Read WA's unique North-west landscape
WA's unique North-west landscape

WA's unique North-west landscape

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Towards conference costs to support leadership development and information technology to improve remote working capability.

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Towards equipment to improve disease and health management in the Aboriginal Community of Ringer Soak.


Want to apply for a grant?

Every year we give grants to Western Australian community organisations who provide services, support and inspiration to make this already great state, greater. If you think you’re one of those, click below to find out how to apply.

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