Creating a vibrant and active Town Beach precinct!

By playing Lotto, you've helped give $4.5 million to support the Shire of Broom's Town Beach foreshore redevelopment.

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Its become a vibrant, well attended area for both locals and tourists.

Desireee Male

Shire President at Shire of Broome

Supporting amenity upgrades and enhancements, the grant has helped to provide an inclusive space to bring people of all ages, cultures and abilities together amongst the local community and visitors. That's the Ticket!

Thanks to you playing Lotto, you've contributed towards the upgraded grassed amphitheatre, installation of play equipment for all ages, interpretive artwork, shaded barbecue recreational spaces and upgrades to the waterpark - creating a vibrant and active Town Beach precinct with a space for the whole communtiy to enjoy.

Read Helping families when they need it most
Helping families when they need it most

Helping families when they need it most

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Towards the Food for Thought Festival in Albany which will provide learning opportunities on food production and nutrition for the c ommunity.

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Towards costs to support the delivery of and universal access to the Sculpture by the Sea event at Cottesloe.


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