Riding between the lines

The Constable Care Child Safety Foundation Inc., now known as the Constable Care Foundation, was initiated in 1997 as part of Community Policing. Now a separate function, the team work tirelessly to address social issues in primary school aged children.

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Some of the skills the children have learned can absolutely save lives.



By simply playing, you’ve helped provide a $950,000 Lotterywest grant, which is supporting an interactive classroom, instructional videos and a ‘to scale’ environment for kids to practice road safety in a safe and controlled environment.

Alexander, a presenter at the Road Safety School, says the program is a chance for children to learn skills that, because of modern life, no longer develop naturally.

“This is an opportunity to develop those skills in a safe environment,” he said.

The grant will help establish three key components of the Road Safety School:

  1. An interactive classroom environment where visiting school groups can watch instructional videos and be taught about road rules and safety issues.
  2. An open staging area where children can be shown the correct way to use equipment such as helmets, learn about bike maintenance and how to find a bike or scooter that is the right size.
  3. A ‘to scale’ environment that will allow children to practice road safety rules in a safe and controlled environment.

Teacher Elizabeth says the team are good at enforcing all things safety, while also having a good time.

“In the 20 minutes [the children] have been riding around, I’ve seen how their skills have really picked up.

“Some of the skills the children have learned today can absolutely save lives,” she said.

So thank you for making our already great State, greater.

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