WA's unique North-west landscape

WA's unique North-west landscape and waters of the Kimberley region have long since been a treasured part of country with a focus on environmental protection, land management and home to sustainable communities.

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"We advocate for strong environmental protection, good land management and sustainable communities." 

Dr Michelle Pyke

Project Officer, Environs

Thanks to your Lotto ticket, Aboriginal Ranger groups, elders, ecologists and environmental scientists are being supported at a ground-level to better document, protect and manage wetlands across the Kimberley. A Lotterywest grant of $557,564 will go towards seven Aboriginal Ranger groups including the Yawuru Rangers in Broome, Elders and the broader community to ensure the region will withstand and flourish for years to come, whilst strengthening connection to country. That's the Ticket!

Read Helping families when they need it most
Helping families when they need it most

Helping families when they need it most

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Towards equipment to improve disease and health management in the Aboriginal Community of Ringer Soak.

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Towards equipment to support the work of volunteer fire fighters in the regional community of Gibson.


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